Inspire 2

Image quality, power and intelligence to meet the needs of professional filmmakers and enterprises around the globe.

Inspire 2 Features

25-27 Min Flight Time

7KM Control Range

30 M/S Speed

5.2kK / 4K Resolution 

30M Sensor Range

1080p Live View


Inspire 2 X7 LENS

Super 35 Sensor | 6K CinemaDNG | 5.2K Apple ProRes | 14 Stops of Dynamic Range

Inspire 2 X5S LENS


5.2K video support for high-end professional filmmaking

M4/3 | 5.2K | F1.7 - F16 | CinemaDNG | ProRes | 4.2Gbps max

Inspire 2 X4S LENS


1-inch sensor for extended flight times and enhanced agility

1-inch sensor | 4K | H264 | F2.8 – F11 | 20MP stills | DNG RAW

Cendence Remote Controller

  • Provides up to five analog control channels and over ten customizable buttons, improving overall control efficiency.
  • Cendence's design offers antenna interchangeability. A high-gain antenna, or DJI’s Tracktenna, can augment the power of DJI Lightbridge technology, significantly increasing overall anti-interference and image quality.
  • HDMI, SDI, USB, and CAN ports provide robust expansion capabilities.
  • Cendence comes with the fully integrated Cendence Monitor Mounting Bracket.


Created for outdoor aerial imaging, the CrystalSky monitor features an ultra-bright screen that is clearly visible in sunlight. It is designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with the DJI GO/DJI GO 4 app, giving camera operators total control.

Available in 5.5" High Brightness, 7.85" High Brightness and 7.85" Ultra Brightness Models.

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