Manfrotto Stile Spark Small Messenger                                       

The Stile camera messenger bag for is the ultimate, easy-to-carry bag for enthusiasts and professionals who want to take their Spark and accessories anywhere. This smart solution is roomy enough to accommodate all your essential gear with ease. Its innovative design features are all part of the Manfrotto Protection System, keeping everything safe and secure wherever you go.

This messenger bag also gives you the creative freedom you need wherever you take your Spark. A top opening allows easy, fast access to your mini drone and accessories when you find a perfect location for a QuickShot. You can easily store extra batteries, propellers, guards, and anything else you need within secure and easily reachable pockets, so you’re always ready to seize the moment.

The adjustable carry strap also gives you the flexibility to hold it as you like, whether by hand or slung over your shoulder.