Osmo Pocket Accessories

Osmo Action Battery

Osmo ACTION Battery 1300mAh

Osmo Pocket Smartphone Adapter (Lightning)Connects Osmo Pocket to your smartphone and unlocks more features on the DJI Mimo app

( Available as either Lightning or Type-C )

Osmo Pocket Accessory Mount

Provides mounting bracket for accessories to shoot in various scenarios

Osmo Pocket Wireless Module

The Wireless Module provides Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection between Osmo Pocket and your mobile device to support seamless remote control and make shooting more flexible. It also serves as a base to set Osmo Pocket on level surfaces. You can also charge Osmo Pocket via the USB-C port

Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel

Equipped with a dial for precise pan and tilt control, as well as two operation buttons for improved shooting compositionOsmo Pocket 3.5mm Adapter

Supports external 3.5mm microphone for higher-quality recording